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We are a roleplaying wiki based off of the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. The clans of this wiki live in a large forest,with enough room for all five clans to live comfortably.

LightingClan- LightingClan is a very athletic and strong clan,and always love a challenge. Although their cats may be strong,they are a fair,loving clan. Their cats have been known to be very muscular and stealthy. They live in a the most forested area of the forest.

MarshClan- MarshClan odly enough has very little marsh in their territory. Most of it is forest, except for a pond, and a twolegplace. They are very smart, and use their surrondinigs to their advantage. Very tricky to fight in battle, and very nimble too.  They never turn down a cat in need, but will chase intruders out in a heartbeat. 


ShadeClan-ShadeClan lives in a Pine Forest that is said to be so dark that it shadows their very soul. In reality they are a fierce clan,that doesn't exactly get along with the others. Their warriors have learned to keep their pawsteps light to avoid sloshing in the muddy ground.

SunClan-SunClan is a very fast,energetic clan. They are a very kind clan,and usually help other clans in need,but defend their borders with their lives. Their warriors are very wiry,and fast,perfectly built for life on the moorland. Most SunClan cats follow the Warrior Code extremely closly,and breaking it is almost unheard of.

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