The Pine Forest by pheelfresh

Credit to pheelfresh on DeviantART

You pad through a dark pine forest, sniffing for prey.

You suddenly hear a rustle from a bush behind you. You spin around and see a russet tom, his blue eyes dark.

"An intruder?" he asks. Then he shrugs. "Well, you're no threat either way. My name is Redstar, leader of ShadeClan."

Gaping at him, you mew, "Wh-what's ShadeClan?"

He sighs and answers, "A cat like you wouldn't understand if I told you. Follow me!" he urges.

You're not sure if you can trust this cat. But curiousity gets the better of you, and you follow him through the shadowy forest. Soon, you and this Redstar cat come into a large clearing, spotted with the dim moonlight showing through the trees.

Redstar speaks; "What is ShadeClan?" he repeats your question from earlier. "This is ShadeClan."

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